Making of: Music Video Fusion Mutageno “Do you Know”

Making of: Music Video Fusion Mutageno “Do you Know”


This is the making of the video, after several months of post-production “Do you know” is released.
The concept originated from my vision of a comic book style story of a 50’s female led gang, dark with high contrasts and nightlight. My color scheme were cool colors and midnight magentas.
The video was shot in a full day at my house in Ecuador with a home made chroma key screen.
Fusion Mutageno is a hip hop band from my natal city Ambato they mix their rap with soul, jazz and r&b.
The post production process took place in my actual place in New Braunfels, TX . It took more time than estimated because of the complexity of the project and the fact that I produced it entirely by myself.

The tools that I used are:

-Canon T3i with 50mm and 18-55mm.
Composed in After Effects and the titles on Cinema 4D.

Thanks to everyone.

Here are some pictures of the making of:

Diego Ponce

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